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Top 4 Water Parks Adults Will Love

Pushing our way on the slope of the slides to gain momentum will take us on a ride through the highest points of joy. Everything about a day at the water park is exciting a whole lot of fun. We are being offered the best of the aquatic features by the beaches, while the massive structures on the park premises give you something more than just an immersion into the cool waters. Several countries have been establishing water parks to have more tourists coming in every year. Not all water parks are suitable for adults because the smaller ones are meant for kids. Plenty of places are open in various parts of the world, with the wonders of the liquid bursting into joy in those rides. Adults can have fun only in those parks that are big enough to accommodate people of all sizes. Let us look at some of the top water parks adults will also love.

1. Aquaventure Waterpark

Dubai has a lot to offer by the creek and in the hustle and bustle of streets. Ranging from the dunes to the tallest tower, Dubai is home to various tourist spots. If you want to relax after a week’s sightseeing, head to the Aquaventure waterpark that nestles in the Atlantis luxury resort. Put your adrenaline in for a show with the slides and rides covering a total area of 17 hectares. The world’s first slide-within-a-slide named Aquaconda was introduced here. That enclosed tube is a must-try for everyone visiting the park. Every rider propels at a speed of 37 miles per hour on the dueling slides of Poseidon’s Revenge.

2. Beach Park

Brazil’s Beach Park is a world-famous property spread out over an area of almost 2 million square feet. This park is set in Aquiraz, the coastal city of Brazil. Insano slide is the best attraction of this park, tossing the riders down a 14-story free fall at speed over 65 mph. If you want more adventure, head to the Acqua Circo area, which is filled with jets, cannons, fountains, showers, tunnels, slides, and fixed peddle boats and seesaws.

3. Tropical Islands Resort

Germany awaits you with this vast property that resembles the offerings of a tropical island resort, inspiring name from the same. This cavernous former airship hangar has been acquired by a Malaysian group to run this park in all the liquid glory. Tropical Islands Resort is the largest indoor water park. It is open all year round for 24 hours a day. The park spans multiple themed areas with several attractions such as the turbo slide and the whitewater river.

4. Wet ‘n’ Wild Gold Coast

Wet ‘n’ Wild Gold Coast is located in the suburb of Oxenford in Australia. It is a great destination during summer, but you can also visit in the winter as the water flows from the highly advanced heating systems. You could simply relax in the wave pool or take a ride on the massive Mammoth Falls, which is the first six-person tube in the world.

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