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The 4 Best Water Parks in the World

Water without salt is always offered in human-made facilities. Anyone seeking a soak in these waters rather than the salty waves should have plenty of options to select from. A simple swim in the pool at a hotel may gratify this desire, but there is more you can explore when these waters form a whole new world with massive structures ensuring fun at its best. People living further inland may find more excitement stored in these establishments. Water parks have indeed worked wonders with the innovative ideas that make for a perfect family evening. Joy in these waters can be of a different form, worth exploring for the money spent for the entry. If you are planning a visit to a water park, here is a list of the best ones in the world.

1. Aquatica, Orlando

Florida is known for many things, and Aquatica is surely one of them. Waves pools are the most attractive offering of all water parks. But unlike in the other parks in the world, Aquatica comes with double the fun with two pools, side by side. The next big thing to look for in this park is the Dolphin Plunge water slide, which takes you on a ride through the aquarium filled with dolphins. Brave riders can also blast down the funnels in the Omaka Rocka. You wouldn’t finish with these adventures in a day, but if you need a break from the thrill, you can also head out to the white sand beach covered with around 60,000 species of plants.

2. Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai

Everything about Dubai is fabulous, with Aquaventure only adding to this glitz and charm. According to the report in 2013, the largest water slide is in this Middle East water park. The longest river ride and zip line in the Middle East also run through this enormous place. Water coasters, a private beach, and great cuisines are other attractions of the park.

3. Area 47, Austria

This outdoor water park is located in an Alpine lake. It is open from April to September only when the lake isn’t running full or has other issues. The next big thing this park offers is the water rides, a hydro-speed slide, and a dicing tower. When you want a break on the dry land, the high-ropes course, the climbing wall, and the bridge swing are the best options.

4. Beach Park, Brazil

No place on your long list should be missed when you are traveling to Brazil, but make sure you allot a day for a decadent soak in the waters at the Beach Park. Insano is the most famous ride in the park, and it has been ranked as the tallest and fastest water slide in the world. Kalafrio is also worth trying for the electrifying experience of sliding through the huge structures containing water. Kids will love the Acqua Show or the big top-themed play area that offers water cannons and synchronized water jets.

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