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The 4 Best Water Parks in Dubai

Desert drives and a night by the creek are on the traditional side of offerings in Dubai, while sky-diving and water adventures are newer and exciting options. Boredom is far from reality in UAE since the country has seven Emirates offering the best features for a memorable vacation. Everything about Dubai is simply fabulous, be it the dunes or the islands. The surplus of water parks in Dubai has filled the air with fun. No better option than these parks exists when you travel to Dubai in the summer. A soak in the water to experience the various adventures would be the ideal way to beat the heat. The large wave pools are something to look forward to in those sultry days of summer, and it doesn’t end with the cool sensations but also offers you a plethora of thrilling rides. Here is a list of the best water parks in Dubai.

1. Aquaventure Waterpark

This is the largest water park in Dubai, with plenty of popular water rides. The tower of Neptune, water coasters, the tower of Poseidon, and Leap of Faith is the must-try rides in Aquaventure. Apart from the massive slides and structures emitting water, the park also offers an adrenaline rush in the various other activities such as the fun sessions with kids. You can try swimming in the shark-filled lagoons to explore the different aquatic species. Aquaventure waterpark is open from 10 am to 6 pm.

2. Legoland Water Park

Legoland Water Park is ideal for kids of the age 2-12 years. It offers them enough space to explore fun to the fullest. If you plan an outdoor day with your family, this could be a great place to visit. The most attractive feature of the park is its Lego-style architecture, transporting you to the animated sets of those popular movies. All the young kids can engage in activities on the 20+ rides, whereas the older kids can make use of this time to build boats using the Lego bricks. Creativity improves with these brain exercises that also guarantee entertainment. Apart from these, you also have the Twin Chasers, Build a Raft River, Joker Soaker, and DUPLO Splash Safari.

3. IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG adventure world is famous as Dubai’s largest indoor water park. A wide range of themes is offered here for the guests to choose from. Every mega entertainment zone in the park contains unique attractions with inspired ideas from Marvel superheroes, cartoon network, and dinosaurs. Your kids can have a great time in the park with their favorite characters. Jugglers, acrobatics, Dixie Band, and Unicycle tricks are the most popular water rides in this park.

4. Wild Wadi Waterpark

This is a mandatory stop if you are traveling with your family. Wild Wadi Waterpark has a lot to offer in terms of unbridled joy with the Breakers Bay, Tantrum Alley, Burj Surj, and Juha’s Journey. Kids and adults can disconnect from the heat and have fun with all these rides.

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