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The 3 Best Water Rides in the World

Sultry summers come with the heat that puts you in a pressing need for an escape to the coldest parts of the world. We know not many countries have pleasant weather at that time of the year. Exotic destinations aren’t best to be visited while the sun is at its most powerful. Water parks may be the best option when you want the perspiration to stop for at least a day. Almost everyone loves the idea of soaking themselves in the blue pools that aren’t too deep or wide to hit the horizon.

Adults and kids can equally have a lot of fun here, with the parks offering dedicated areas for them. A ticket will grant you access to all the rides and slides in the park, but the limitation is the time speeding out on the clock. So, those with a strong affinity towards certain rides than the whole day’s experience will keep looking for the places offering the best rides. Here are some of the best water rides in the world.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean

When talking of water and the waves, there is no better movie reference than the Pirates of the Caribbean. Also, there has to at least one Disney ride on such lists. The Paris version is the superior one, without a doubt. You will surely get wet on this ride, but it is more about the thrill of a gradient drop that makes this one worth your time and money. All the rich POTC features have been etched to perfection in the Paris version, whereas the others aren’t half as thrilling. Everything from the battle scene to the chest with the heart feels more real in Paris. The overall experience has a lot more kick to it here.

2. Chiapas

This could most probably be the most stunning water ride on this list. Chiapas is a ride in Phantasialand, with the detailing to all the facets of this wonderful creation taking you through a surreal, water-splashing track. The most attractive feature of this ride is the way it weaves in and out of the buildings to come in contact with the Colorado Express. If you love such thematic construction on the rides, Chiapas is a must-try. Wait for the intense drops, water crashes, and airtime hills to bring their special element to the ride.

3. Tidal Wave

No other ride in the world does as said on the captivating descriptions as the Tidal Wave does. It drenches you fully to even the tips of every strand of your hair. All you will know is the immediate drop on an exciting gradient followed by a splash that drenches you in no time. The simplicity of this ride makes it a perfect place for you to forget all the daily stresses of life, with the gallons of water washing away every last bit of besetting emotion or factor.

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