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The 3 Best Water Parks in the U.S. for Toddlers to Have Fun

People of different ages would have contrasting preferences. While you may be fond of the hills and the cottages, your kids would have a liking for the beaches and adventures. With family comes responsibilities and sacrifices. Choosing a place that suits everyone’s interests could be hard, but certain situations lead to making the right decisions. If your kids are not older than 10, not every destination might be equally entertaining. Water parks are meant for people of all ages, but toddlers cannot ride on the massive slides due to health and safety issues.

It is always better for them to try the smaller rides in the water parks, but not many such rides have been developed in the major establishments. Huge wave pools and vertical-drop waterslides are not ideal for toddlers; the ideal option is to visit the water parks for kids. This would ensure more space for them to have fun. If you have been looking for such parks, here is a list of the best water parks for toddlers.

1. Castaway Bay, Ohio

Castaway Bay is located at Cedar Point, Sandusky-known as the land of water parks. Of all the amusement rides available in this region, the ones offered in Castaway Bay are said to be of the highest quality and suitable for toddlers. Young swimmers get the opportunity to flounder in the water and take a dip in the cool turgid waves. The Toddler’s Tide Pool is 18 inches deep and works as a water playground with an open space accommodating hundreds of kids. Toddler-friendly tandem slide and spray pipes are under demand all the time. Anyone who is not taller than 52 inches can splash in the tide pool.

2. Freedom Springs Greenwood Aquatics, Indiana

This toddler-friendly park is only 30 minutes away from Indianapolis. Kids over 48 inches tall can try the Lily Pad Crossing, and toddlers would love the specifically designed play areas. The sand play area also allows toddlers to soak themselves in the waves of delight. Swimming lessons are offered at Freedom Springs for kids new to swimming, making it easier for the parents to handle their kids while in the water. These lessons are available throughout the summer. One of the most attractive features of Freedom Springs is that it also offers dogs-only and adult-only events.

3. Maui Sands Resort & Indoor Waterpark, Ohio

On any winter day at Sandusky, Maui Sands Resort and Indoor Waterpark should be on your list. The kiddie pool called Pineapple Bay nestles at the center of the Hawaiian-themed water park. A slide is built in this pool at a toddler-friendly size; kids who are less than 52 inches tall can play on all the rides in the park. Older kids can have fun at Coconut Cove, where the younger boys and girls are also allowed if accompanied by their parents.

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