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The 3 Best Indoor Water Parks in the World

Who wouldn’t love to take a dip in the world beneath those blue waves of entertainment? Parks have been established in different parts of the world, with water occupying the major portion of those properties. Such establishments are simply outstanding, providing people fun at the cost of a ticket worth a few dollars. No one would want to miss out on the opportunity to dive into these massive pools of joy. Though all these positives shine brightly to put a smile on your face, you cannot yet make the decision to travel. Factors such as weather and location are to be considered since they could hinder the whole experience.

It is important to take every such factor into consideration before heading out for this trip. Humans are pretty intelligent to overcome these challenges, and the brains around the world have created plans that work well in any weather. Ideas that need implementation are yet to be introduced to the public, but we expect to see more surprises in the future. Indoor water parks are the solution to the problems faced by the riders in monsoon and winter. Let us look at the best indoor water parks in the world.

1. Tropical Island Resort

This indoor water park is located in Krausnick, Germany, and it covers an area of almost 710,000 square feet. Tropical Island Resort is an astonishing offering of the country, but its charm isn’t limited to this territory because it is the largest indoor water park in the world. The holder of this park is also the tallest single hall with no aiding pillars on the core. Though this was initially built as a hangar, certain construction limitations made a Malaysian firm acquire it to build the water park. Not everything about this park is exclusively indoors, meaning it has a rainforest inside, along with a beach, palm trees, an artificial sun, and birdsongs.

2. World Water Park

Placed in the massive space within the West Edmonton Mall, this water park is the biggest in the continent of North America. When you are in Edmonton, Canada, this is a stop you shouldn’t miss. Around 40,000 visitors can be easily accommodated in this park. Waves that strike up to a height of 6 feet are generated from one end of the structures inside the mall. Twister and Cyclone are the two most popular water slides in the park. These are giant slides that make for a total length of about 83 ft, covering almost 225,000 square feet of area.

3. Kalahari Resorts Sandusky

The Kalahari Resorts hold the record of housing the largest indoor water park in the U.S. Apart from covering a total area of 173,000 square feet, containing plenty of water rides, and having a structure with provisions for natural lighting, this park has a lot to offer in terms of basketball pool, surfing simulators, and the options to receive a suntan while inside a building.

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