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The 3 Best and Scariest Water Slides in the World

Summer cannot get any better than when your whole family is soaked in the blues encompassing the vast properties. Amusement water parks around the world have been running their business with that element that drives a whole generation ahead. The natural fluid wonder we use to quench our thirst or to keep ourselves clean is used in the most innovative way to entertain us. There has been no stopping these establishments from surfacing out in many parts of the world, with millions visiting these parks every year.

Although not everyone loves the idea of sharing such experiences in the water with strangers, the fun-lovers seize the opportunity to escape to the depths of a different density. Several rides have garnered fans all over the globe, and those have a special place in the hearts of water babies. Slides are the most attractive offering of every water park, with the slope taking you through the crests and troughs of a trajectory filled with joyous laughs. Here is a list of the scariest water slides in the world.

1. Mammoth, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari

If you know this water park, ‘Mammoth’ is a name you might have come across. It is the first six-person water coaster and extends over a length of almost a third of a mile, covering an area of three acres. Linear Induction Motors are used in this slide; the same technology is installed on light rail transportation and roller coasters. The fast uphill and downhill motions of the Mammoth are driven by these specially operated LIMs.

2. Aqualoop, Ixtapan Parque Acuatico

This ride begins at a trapdoor where the riders stand to get started on a swift slide through the almost vertical loop-the-loop. The quick drop from a height allows the rider to gain momentum to make it around the loop at a speed of around 60 kilometers per hour. Transparency of this slide lets down many riders, but it is still worth trying at least once. The shape of the slide has been optimized to set a range where riders of all widths can ride through it without getting stuck. When you are in Mexico, head out for a 90-minute journey to the southwest of Mexico City to visit this park.

3. Aquaconda, Aquaventure Waterpark

Dubai has a lot to offer, but this is something you must try for the incredible ride it takes you on through the enclosed pathway of thrill. Aquaconda is made from translucent plastic and weaves in and out of the framework in a particular style, making it the first dual slide-within-a-slide. The translucent approach has been given to reduce the dark, industrial effect of the other cave-like slides. More light is allowed in through the transparent fiberglass, making the ride all the more fun. Prismatic effects are created by these lights to put on a show for the riders and spectators.

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