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Best Water Rides at Universal Orlando

For more than half a year, the water parks are filled with people to bring in great revenue for the business and the economy. Summers are especially too crowded, and it goes without saying that the heat is one of the reasons for everyone to consider visiting these parks. You are not there to savor the beauty of the destination. Families and friends take you there to have fun; there is no better time to head to the park for a soak in the blue pools. The Universal Studio at Orlando is a one-stop wonder that fills your life with glee for more than just a day.

There is a lot to explore here, and the water park is one of the most attractive offerings. You can find your favorite comic and movie characters here, clinging onto the rides and cliffs of this fantasy world. Even a list like this would not help you much because almost every ride offered at this park is fabulous and equally exciting, making it harder for you to choose. Here are some of the best water rides at the Universal Orlando Resort.

Jurassic Park: River Adventure

Islands of Adventure contains this massive water ride that covers a wide space to be the most well-rounded attraction here. You get to ride through the waters of the world of dinosaurs almost everyone has admired in their childhood. As you get the tour boat and sets sailing on the river of adventures, you are bound to stare in awe at the beasts of different sizes.

A loose Hadrosaur bumps your boat off-track, while the Tyrannosaurus rex will be waiting at the end of the ride with an 85-foot drop. This is an iconic experience you shouldn’t miss if you are a water freak and love the intense drops into the jaws of the monsters. Every constructional element, from the audio to the animatronics, of this ride is as realistic as anything could possibly be. It would indeed keep you gripped to the guard bar for the whole time.

Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges

Almost every amusement and the theme park will have river-rapid attractions, and the one at Islands of Adventure is Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges. It stands out not just with the theme but also with the overall experience of riding through the multiple levels of an interesting tour. You will be guided by Popeye on the boathouse of the river-rapids tour, but Bluto is around the corner to detour you.

The remaining ride is all about Olive Oyl’s abduction and Popeye’s attempts to rescue her and the riders, who are the spectators of the wonderful adventure of muscle and machoism. Unlike the other rides of the same theme or mood, this one lasts for more than five minutes, loading the whole duration with every element of fun you were looking for. Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls is also a great ride that you must try when at the Islands of Adventure.

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